Skyfall and Breaking Dawn – Soundtracks

I am choosing my two new favorite soundtracks of recent times in English movies for my first post (the other one was a welcome photo).

Skyfall – Adele

Among all the other Bond movie themes, I liked this one much better in ‘Skyfall’ (may be because it was sung by my very favorite Adele). It gives me the feeling of sitting in the Opera Hall every time I hear it with my eyes closed. Adele’s rendition does that at times. She did that with her performance of ‘Someone Like You’ during her Grammy and ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ in Royal Albert Hall performance. I haven’t watched the movie yet to comment on how well this song compliments the movie. But the song is amazing nonetheless.

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

A end of a favorite love saga comes to an end with this song in the movie ‘Breaking Dawn -2’ and nothing suits the movie better than this song. And a very beautiful rendition by Christina Perri (I like her ‘Jar of Hearts’ very much). The way this song was shot gives us a very nostalgic feeling about the whole Twilight series. No one in the theater got up during this song and were waiting with amazing silence till the end as if they were expecting more of it.

3 thoughts on “Skyfall and Breaking Dawn – Soundtracks”

  1. Lovely songs,thanks for pointing this out.I have gotten out of touch with the english songs for more than 3-4 years now.Mainly lack of time and opportunity to watch VH1 for instance šŸ™‚ .


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