Express it with songs (tamil)

I love melodies, but I cannot concentrate on work with the melody playing in the background. (Pop music and peppy numbers are the ones used during work).

Since its TGIF, I decided to listen to some of my recent favorite love tracks in my native language.

Nenjukule (translated in English as “In my heart”) from the movie Kadal (translated as “The Sea”): This is the latest song in Tamil which gives me goose bumps every time I hear it. A very beautiful rendition. The song is about a woman expressing her love. This song gives more importance to the singer with a very subtle but strong support of instruments from the background. Not sure when the movie is gonna be released. But I hope this is shot well and since (the director) Maniratnam’s movies are well known for the cinematography, I am sure he will do justice to the song. In case you wanted to know the lyrics and its English translation, you can find it in this post (a blog I follow).

Yet another song which I always have loved to hear, and that was released some time back  and which is again about the woman expressing her love, was from the movie Vaagai Sooda Vaa and the song is Sara Sara . This song is shot very well and the movie is equally good. I love this song and its so easy to sing this. My niece loves to hear me sing this for her, all the time. Another song in the same movie which we (myself and my niece) love is poaraane.

Two songs from (yet to be released ) movie Kumki , onnum puriyala  & aiyaiyaiyo also fall into the same category, except that this time its a guy who expresses his desire. Especially with aiyaiyaiyo I always imagine a dance along with it every time I hear it.  If only I knew how to dance.

There have been many other songs but somehow these stand out for me from the current lot (even though Vaagai Sooda Vaa is slightly older than the rest..but it still works for me)

The pop playlist will come sometime later 🙂

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