Talaash – search of …

Spoilers ahead…. seriously.. I am going to reveal the only suspense in the movie.. so in case you are planning to watch it.. please do not read this post.

Talaash – is a movie where all big names are involved..right from acting to story to direction..Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukherji, Zoya Akhtar, Farhan Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap and Reema Kagti (the director). Yet it is a very down to earth movie without much fan fare attached to it, if you know what I mean. It falls in the category of Eeram (which is one of my favorite movies in Tamil). Both of them belong to the mystery genre with a touch of paranormal suspense in it, both varying only in their execution.


Talaash starts with a death of an actor Armaan whose car skids and falls  into the sea.  Surjan investigates the case. Surjan and his wife Roshini both are undergoing personal trauma due to the death of their son in an accident (in a lake) and this tragedy drifts them apart.  When he starts to investigate this case, there are some loose ends that come up and he starts looking for a clue to resolve the case (to find out if it was a murder or a suicide or just plain accident). In the mean time, a neighbor of theirs (Surjan and Roshini) comes and tells them that she can talk to spirits and that their son contacted her to convey some message to them. Surjan, being the practical sort, and who is deeply mourning his son (to such an extent that he tries to imagine all the possible ways he could have tried to prevent that incident), refuses to acknowledge such paranormal beliefs. But Roshini turns to her to get atleast that happiness from her deceased son. Surjan becomes an insomniac and uses his night time to try and investigate the issue. He meets Rosy who is a prostitute in the area where Shashi (one of the suspect), a pimp, operates from. She gives him clues from time to time which helps him in his case. There are more blackmails, more murders that happen and when Surjan finally resolves the case, he finds that Rosy is not what he expected her to be and it turn questions all his sanity and his beliefs on paranormal things.

Rosy aka Simran, a prostitute hired by Armaan and 2 of his friends, was killed in a car accident 3 years ago which leaves one of the friend Nikhil paralyzed for life. Rosy is buried by Shashi near the sea shore and he starts blackmailing Armaan and his other friend for money and they oblige him from time to time. How does Rosy get her revenge (revenge because they had a choice to save her in that accident, but chose to leave her ..why ? because they believed that she is of no worth and in stead take their friend and leave the scene and inform Shashi to take care of her)

When Surjan finally comes to realize who Rosy is, he is unable to understand or rather comes to understand his wife’s need to talk to his son, who wants to tell his father  not to blame him for the accident and accept and go ahead with life.

I was never good at precise writing in my school days, so my version of the story may not be exactly up to the mark. But the screenplay is good. There were a few things that could have been taken care of, like, Rosy need not open the car door, they could have either made him open it for her or he could have talked to her outside his car. A ghost opening the car was a little too much, on the after thought. When Rosy appears at Tehmur’s death scene, you definitely come to know that something is amiss, because she comes to his place out of nowhere. And Rosy opening the car door to let Srujan out when he is drowning..wasn’t very convincing.. Those were the small things which I noticed. Otherwise it was very convincing. It doesn’t give you the shivers or the jerks. But the last minute when Srujan comes to know who she is ..that is when you feel a slight jerk. Roshini is in search of peace. She and her husband have drifted too far in their tragedy, it seems like a never ending thing. Srujan is in search of truth with respect to his case and in search of acceptance with respect to his son’s death. Rosy aka Simran is in search of justice. How everyone’s search ends is what the story is about.

In some places, Srujan and Roshini’s sadness reminded me of “The Reservation Road”. Its always very difficult to handle a child’s death. But somehow mothers come around it much faster than the fathers. They don’t say that women are emotionally very strong for no reason.

Rani Mukherjee with practically no makeup is amazing. You really feel the sadness permeating in you just by looking at her eyes. Kareena Kapoor as Rosy or Simran is equally good. Aamir Khan.. very underplayed and very very good. One of the very few actors in Bollywood I admire. Special mention to the dialogues…very appropriate dialogues…

If you like mystery drama or if you like Aamir Khan, go watch the movie.

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