Redeeming Love – very christian and very soulful

Redeeming Love comes under the category of Christian Fiction. That means it is strewn with quotes and stories from Christianity (which I hardly know anything about). But being a theist I at-least got to understand the reason behind those stories or what it meant in the context of a situation. You have to believe in the supreme power to even start reading this book.

Every one of us have gone through situations where we are filled with doubts and nothing goes the way we want it to go (because  we are so convinced that the way we want it, is the right way for us). If you believe in God like me then, all we do is pray for a divine intervention to deliver us from the confusions by showing us a way out with enough courage to wade through the trouble waters. This story is about a girl, Sarah, who is sold to prostitution even at a very young age of 8, when her mother dies and she grows up to be a very highly priced commodity in her profession. When Michael , a very devout Christian, sees her for the first time, he knows that she is the one for him. Its about their story and along with them the story of John and Elizabeth’s family and Paul’s too. How their lives are inter-twined and how they resolve their differences and finally accept the truth and love is what the story is about.

It is slightly slow, but since this is about belief in the divine power, that definitely takes time. I liked that it was slow in this context. I am not sure if anyone (at least in the current times) can be so in love that they are ready to see past the wrongs done by a person just as Michael does, but its not impossible. It just takes some effort and belief. Most of us are like Paul, prejudiced and spiteful, not ready to give the other person a chance they might deserve. Even Sarah needs her time to come out her own shame and beliefs that were taught to her at such an young age. Sometimes, the other people’s opinion of you (when repeated over time and emphasized with events) make you really believe in it, even though you can be far from it.

I liked it.. because of the purity it brought forth in love and the hope that it gives in life and well a Happy Ending too 🙂

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