Wallbanger, Boomerang Bride, Love By Numbers – Quick and Fun


I never thought I will read this kind of book and laugh so much also. Its just a very simple romantic story, which you can read it in max of 2-3 hours (because you have to have some time in between for laughing). Even though it is inconceivable, the interludes with the cat and Simon’s ‘friend’ was as hilarious as the first encounter of Caroline with Simon’s activities. I am not sure why, but Caroline’s character sort of brought me Cameron Diaz’s face (even though she is slightly older for this kind of role). If you just want to have a good laugh and complete a simple silly story for a break – go for this.

Boomerang Bride:

If you are used to reading Nora Roberts then you will like this too. A simple love story about a Aussie Bride and a Viking Blondie :). It not only has the story of the two main characters (Matilda and Marc) but also that of Marc’s sister Lily. So its more of a family story with lots of love and romance. Even though it handles breast cancer and its impact on the family and the person herself, conned and abandoned bride and her determination to come unscathed etc.. its still a very breezy read. Again good for a quick read.

Love By Numbers:

This is a 3 book series and each of them is a simple and easy read story. I liked the titles which is catchy in a sense and since they are historical romances, they have their own share of charm and seduction. Its about the Ralston siblings (2 brothers and 1 half sister) and their love stories. Of all the three I liked the first one ‘Nine Rules to Break While Romancing a Rake’ (has a nice rhyming to it ;)).

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