The Intouchables – Warm, Fresh & Positive

This movie, The Intouchables (The Untouchables in English) was recommended by two people. a) my friend and b) wonderfulcinema blog post (When I was browsing through it to pick a random movie. They have a nice collection here)

Second day in a row I am watching a movie based on a real life story. Again if this was from a real life, I really really appreciate the people involved. They have had one amazing life. I have believed the saying (not sure from where or who, just something that stuck with me) ‘People in life are either for a reason , season or a lifetime’. This movie is about how some people, even though they enter our lives for no reason, manage to make an impact that will last for probably a lifetime.

Its about this guy Driss, who ends up taking care of Philippe, a filthy rich quadriplegic and shows him the brighter side of life. Even though Driss has his own set of problems to handle, he does a very fair job with Philippe, treating him with casualness as if his physical problem is not a big deal. Philippe warms up to his antics, more because Driss’s lifestyle is a total 180 from that of Philippe and he doesn’t really get a lot of stuff (like about the tree man in the Opera…I would have done the same, if I had to sit for something that I don’t really get..Jeez I couldn’t help but join Driss there…) When he panics during the paragliding, I was reminded how similar my reactions were to his when I tried para sailing once.  Hey Driss, I know man… I know.. its so scary out there.. ;). The episode with the painting was hilarious.. 11000 for the piece of crap he did to just piss off and prove a point.. Gosh 😀

Philippe, getting to see a new side of life, becomes a little dependent on Driss and when he Driss had to leave, he becomes depressed, because every one else seems him as a patient and now a normal human being. Then he comes again to help him out. The actor did an amazing job being a quadriplegic. They both complemented each other very very well.  The introduction scene is amazing and really fresh and makes you smile and sets the mood of the movie.

Even though it is based on a true story, its very inspiring and fresh in the treatment. You will always feel better even when things are going a little rough for them. It tells you that you always have a choice, even when you are hitting the rough patch. The choice is to either brood , be miserable and wait for things to handle on its own, or smile and tackle things head on and probably have some fun in the process too, like Philippe’s ear massage.

If you are feeling a bit low and want a fresh dose of pep just watch this movie. If Philippe can, well you can. And if you have some one like Driss, then you are damn lucky.

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