Caché – Slow but thrilling

After a month long break finally got to watch a movie. This time I chose Caché (a French movie) after seeing the review in Wonderful Cinema some time back. This story is about Georges and his forced reminiscence of his past which has had a extreme impact on another person’s life. All is going on smooth in Laurent’s family, may be not great, but the husband and wife are having a good job, son is doing good in his swimming and school. Even though they are not a very happy family, they are surviving. But then comes the tapes being delivered with strange messages in form of drawing. The initial tapes are of their house being monitored and then one tape shows the house where Georges grew up. That leads him to visit his mother and his forgotten memory of Majid. Then the next tape shows where Majid is living currently. Who is Majid, why is Georges reminded of him through tapes, who is actually creating and sending those tapes , is it Majid or his son or someone else.

It takes some time to get into the movie, because it starts with the tape being played. I was actually wondering what was happening :). But slowly and steadily the story unfolds. Its not your fast paced thriller. There are subtle ways in which lot of details are explained. Like the affair Anne is having with just a single scene. Its not very lucid, but then you can interpret it anyway you want it. Even the ending is left to your own interpretation. Not many dialogues in a scene. More of visual communications. There is this one thing though which bugged me. Why would some one (irrespective of who it was) dig up such a old misdeed and in turn trouble two families. Because Majid is shocked to see Georges and breaks down after his first visit. And slowly things go to a state where he is pushed to commit suicide. Why now after all these years. The ending does give you some perspective, but still two lives (Georges and Majid) is kind of lost. Well, we have to endure the results for our deeds, irrespective of the time it takes to come back to us, I guess.

A good thriller drama

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