Daily Prompt: Faith

Daily Prompt: Faith

a)Cremation in Harish Chandra Ghat, Varanasi, India:

It is believed in Hinduism that getting cremated in this Ghat gives you moksha. People have so much faith, that they come from far off places to spend their last days in Varanasi, so that they can get cremated once their soul leaves the body.


b) Passage of Worship in Thiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India: It is believed that if you are able to pass through this narrow path in the temple called as Idduku pillayar kovil (kovil means temple, idukku mean gap, pillayar means Ganesha) and come to the other side, you will get rid of your ego and also the evil force surrounding you. I have faith, but I certainly did not try this. Did not want to get stuck in between.


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