Fight Club – Dark Club

Fight Club – I don’t know what made me pick this up, because I was wondering what to watch and then I ended up with this. Honestly, I wasn’t sure where this was going initially. I was confused. This guy has no name anywhere… He is just Edward Norton. Every one else has a name. And this remains so until the end. The insomniac, who is trying to get a grip on his life. Enter Bellatrix sorry, Helena Bonhem Carter. God, I always see her in quirky roles. Has she done any normal ones ? But for some reason, I like her that way. Though I should say that she is relatively normal in this movie. And then comes along Brad Pitt. This is one of the very very few movies, where I have actually liked Brad Pitt. He was good. I have always liked Edward Norton for some reason. Boy, that guy looks almost the same even now doesn’t he? I have seen him in his later movies like ‘The Italian Job’, ‘The Incredible Hulk’ and even the recent ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ and he still looks the same as he did in this movie…Genes I guess. I also understand the hoo laa about Brad Pitt…He did look like a bad ass fighter in this.  His workouts did pay him back well. Again, I ain’t going to go into the story. But it is one of the split personality thing that you would never guess until they explain it to you almost near the end. I did wonder in between why except for that one scene where Edward Norton peeks through the bedroom door, we never get to see Marla and Tyler together at all, even in that scene they aren’t near anywhere together. The scene where Edward Norton tries to vindicate his manager by hurting himself, that was too good. I have seen and was impressed by a similar scene which was done in Anniyan and performed by Vikram, a Tamil movie, again based on split personality.

I knew that it was a sort of a marker movie of that age, but unless I read the wikipedia and its related links after the movie, I did not realize the depth of it…Wow..that was intense. I also found a very interesting article about this movie. It was interesting because a few points I thought I was imagining it. For e.g. the flashes in the movie that happens in the first part. I actually thought it had something to do with the print :D. Jeez, that were intentional flashes!!! How embarrassing!! While watching the movie, I did not fully understand the need for the violence. It was like a pure male thing to wrap my tiny brain around. As much as it was gripping, there were lot of times when it did put a smile on my face and give me some ideas to ponder. And the best dialogues comes from Brad Pitt.

  • It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.
  • The things you own end up owning you.
  • First you’ve gotta know, not fear, know, that someday you’re gonna die.

and so on. Even the remarks on consumerism and materialism… It was a little too intense for me personally, but as a movie, it was great. I am not sure if it will be accepted generally by everyone, but it has a brilliance to it which is difficult to match. The reason I say this is because we see so many movies and read so many books that it is easy to detect the signs of split personality a little easily with a few things, at least I did that with Shutter Island and Anniyan, to name two. But I did not so get this. Because even though the signs were there, I was blinded enough with other things to not notice it. And that alone made this movie all the more entertaining and interesting for me.

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