Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt) – 3 x Fun

Lola Rennt poster.jpg

Run Lola Run – I have been wishing to see this movie for a long time now. Some time back in one of our weekly magazines, they featured world famous movies every week and I remembered this movie from then. We also had a Tamil movie 12B, which was supposedly loosely based on the same lines of Run Lola Run. But I never got a chance to see this movie till now. One word…FUN.. It was a thriller no doubt, but a different kind of it. Very novel idea and very brilliantly done. I loved that girl Lola played by Franka Potente. She looked like she might give Usain Bolt a ‘run’ for his money 😉 Thankfully I saw it in German with English subtitles. I don’t prefer dubbed movies because of my in ability to handle the lip unsync’s  (or what ever it is the opposite of sync). I am not going into the story line here. Its difficult for me to explain it clearly without confusing, that is the only reason.

The three episodes of a particular event and its resultant reactions with people….well, there is no limit actually. You can picture it ‘n’ number of times and you might come up with a different version every other time. But to take a small sample, say 3, and then build it in a way that they are related in one way or the other even with a small scene and make it fun to watch..this movie deserves all the appreciation. When in the first one she misses that beggar in her runs, I was like ‘shucks come on…he was there.. go girl…just go back…’ and in the second, I was like…’ oh missed him again..this time at least you had a collision with him..oh no..not again’… and in the third, when Manni gives him the revolver, I was like ‘are you an idiot..what if he shoots you…’ but even then I knew that this would have a happy ending. The way the bystanders or by passer’s lives are shown in the same three different angles… that was interesting. I did not expect that.. It not only tells how each of them feel about the others by the way they end up dying with their flashback about their relationships and then starting a new way of the events and finally ending up with each other happily.. I love happy endings man.. really.. even the by passers or bystanders get a happy ending (bonus bonus). The only consistent scene was the one where her mother or someone in the starting asks for a shampoo if she is going for shopping. Other than that each and every event changes a bit. The way the ambulance stops before colliding with the glass in the first and then in the 2nd attempt, it loses control and crashes the glass and does the same with Manni too and in the third it helps her get to her place on time…very nice.

I can keep telling about each and every scene and it would be a replay of the movie… The soundtrack complemented the movie so well. Must watch movie.. really, you will enjoy it.. Don’t miss it.

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