The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window – Very average

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window

If you have read Hopeless then it doesn’t make sense to read this book at all. I read it before I knew that. So you have been warned. I wanted to have a quick read and I picked this one up. Most of the book its about how Liam and his Angel or Amber get together in their high school and how he helps her overcome her fear of being close to someone, thanks to her abusive father. Liam is the guy who sneaks to her through the bedroom window and comforts her when she is very young and since then he has been always there for her and she in turns finds comfort only with him…not even her overprotective brother can help her. Its cute if you like the mushy high school stuff..and don’t get me wrong, I like those stuff too..but this girl was subjected to abuse by her father and yet she is as flirty as she can get but when some one comes close to her, she panics and waits for Liam to comfort her. It was slightly confusing with the characterizations. I wasn’t sure how to take that.  It has a happy ending, which I really like, even though she takes courage and gets her father out of their lives by confronting him and all. There was something lacking in this…may be the depth of her pain or intensity of the attraction or whatever, which I found it appealing in Hopeless. I wasn’t moved in anyway with Amber. I had more compassion for Liam who was waiting for ever for her to recognize his love for her. That is the story about…That can be for a few chapters , not a whole book. 

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