Views on the music of Mariyaan , Thalaivaa & Singam 2

Finally I got to listen to the songs of Mariyaan, Thalaivaa and Singam 2


The only songs I liked from this album are

  • Kadal raasa naan sung by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Somehow when I first heard it in radio during my visit to Palani, I thought it was sung by A.R. Rahman himself. The voice was very similar. I think I liked it because I heard it continuously during our onward and return drive.
  • Sonapareeya because of its lively feel.
  • I love Africa – Sounded something like Waka Waka…but I liked it.

None of the other songs did it for me. But usually ARR’s songs take some time to get to my liking. But somehow that got missed with Kadal and I am not sure how this will fare in a week or two. I am trying not to have too high hopes for this movie, because I don’t want to get disappointed just like it happened with Kadal. Let me wait and see, if I like some more songs after I watch the movie.


  • Sol Sol – passable
  • Yaar indha saalai oram – GV and his would be or wife always try to express their love through their songs I think ๐Ÿ˜‰ and this one is just perfect.

None of the others songs I could digest…especially the ones where we have the typical Vijay introduction songs.. God!!! I hate them..

Singam 2:

None of the songs fared for me. I am so disappointed because in Singam 1 I had liked almost all the songs, especially Kaadal vandhale (it really made me sing and dance in the confines of my home). I am not sure if I will like some if I see them or hear them more. Will update the post if I do.


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