Oldboy – Korean – Squeamishly thrilling


I was suggested this movie, Oldboy, because of an announcement that this is getting remade in Hollywood. So my friends suggested that I see this in original format. I know that the director Park Chan-wook is famous for his thrillers, thanks to Wonderful Cinema and the recent review on “Thirst”. But I haven’t watched any of his movies till now. I am not going to give any details about the movie, the Wikipedia does a wonderful job of it, but would like to tell you a few words which my friends told me. Do not read the story before watching the movie. You will not enjoy it. Another piece of info from my side. Definitely not for the weak heart. If you don’t like watching people eat live beings or the tooth being pulled out or the tongue being cut, right before your eyes, well , just forget this movie. You are better from not seeing it. Gosh.. those scenes were so… Thank god I did not have my dinner. 

It is a tale of revenge. But for what, why, how forms the story. As far as the movie goes, I loved the direction and the twists and turns of it, even the mind games that this guy was playing for his revenge. But as the story goes, I felt it was a little over the limit. Seriously, what this guy did was wrong enough and he tried to right it with another wrong. When he tells Oh Dae-su at the end, that he knew what he did and was ready to live with it, but can he live with what he knows he has done ? God.. I was dumbstruck…I did not know what to think of it. 15 years of revenge. My goodness. Such cruelty. No wonder the lead actor got an award for his performance. He was splendid. Too good. The music also complimented the scenes very well, in fact, it even enhanced the thrill element. There were a few scenes where I was so shell shocked and so squeamish, I think anyone would be, after learning the truth, I was like..oh God.. why this cruelty…but I guess that is what they wanted us to feel. Generally the event which Oh Dae-su witnessed might not be a big event, but when it spreads its wings as rumors and has its effect on a life, well every inconsiderate action has its own reaction and punishment no matter how big or small it is. “Be it a rock or a grain of sand, in water they sink as the same.” as Lee Woo-jin says. A very good movie. But again, definitely not for the faint heart.

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