Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught!

Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught!

Today I am gonna write about an experience rather than posting a picture related to the topic.

My first ever adventure sport:

When I decided that I will do the para sailing in Lake Tahoe, at the insistence of my friend, I was so skeptical because I have acrophobia (fear of heights). And I had never tried my hands at an adventure sport. I never knew what to expect. But when the parachute climbed up, up and up, well, I stopped watching after a few meters and started praying Almighty and the 1001 Hindu Gods, expecting any one of them to save me somehow in case I happen to fall from above, or at least let me die in peace and not in pieces. My friend who was tied next to me (it was a two seater…) was doing oooo-haaa and enjoying her so-called-flying experience. After what seemed like a very long time (may be like hours or days), I slowly opened one eye and tried looking around. The view from that one eye stole my breath away. It was like I was near the sky and all I could see was the vast expanse of mountains, the water…as if I was inside a painting which was full of blue. When I braved a little and looked down, I couldn’t imagine the way I felt. From that height, the people below are just teeny tiny dots, not even the size of ants…I somehow managed to sit in that belt like a stiff rod and yet see all things around with one eye (nope, I did not open my other eye till the very end…what if the magnanimity of the whole situation increases 2 fold.. I thought I couldn’t handle it). And when they finally pulled us back I did regret not seeing the whole thing with both my eyes and extended that regret to include not having a camera up there with me…I never thought I would do such a thing in my life because of my fear of heights (I never used to look down from my 2nd floor balcony), but that incident made me realize that I had enough courage in me to let myself go when needed. All I need is a little mental push and its up to me to handle my fears.


11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: We Can Be Taught!”

  1. Wow! Great experience! That was quite some courage for one who has fear for heights.
    Just like you said, with a little mental push, you can do anything. I think one eye sees just as good as two, you really didn’t miss as much as you are thinking. If you get such an opportunity again, open both eyes wide.
    Lovely post! 🙂


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