Daily Prompt: Tables Turned

No pictures for today’s prompt, but let me tell you about the ones that causes  me discomfort if the tables are turned.

a) Standing before the camera for a picture. I get awfully self conscious the moment I am before the camera. When I am behind it, well, no points for guessing how insanely happy I am. That is the reason I still have the soft copy of my picture that was taken almost 8 years ago so that I can reuse it for making any new copies (My looks haven’t changed that much all these years and that is an advantage)

b) Taking an interview. God!!! that is the last thing I want to do at work. Whenever my manager asks me to take an interview of a person, the first question I ask him is, “Why me?”, as if I am being interviewed. I am sure that I would prefer being interviewed compared to interviewing someone. And till date, I haven’t rejected a single candidate…that should tell a lot about me 😉


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