Eyes Wide Shut – Confusing!!!

A framed image of a nude couple kissing – she with her eye open – against a purple background. Below the picture frame are the film's credits.

<<<Spoiler Alert>>>

Eyes Wide Shut – My first Stanley Kubrick’s movie. I know that I was advised to watch ‘A Clockwork Orange’, but someone ended up with this one. You can say that the two leading actors with this well known director kindled my curiosity. To say that I was a little surprised is an understatement. I have read enough books and watched enough movies that nothing should surprise me, but still this movie did surprise me. In what way ? Well, that is what I am trying to figure out. I was little blank after watching it, that much is sure, but why ? Hmm… Its not that the overly used sexuality and the visualizations that surprised me, nope, but that might cause a lot of people some discomfort. The only thing I think might have surprised me is the end. Is it really that possible to let it go and go ahead assuming that Alice’s dream and her confessions on her almost affair and Bill’s one night adventure and its repercussions doesn’t mean anything at all to their relationship? I don’t get what Alice achieved by telling her about her almost affair to Bill and did he go to that place, just to end his curiosity or to see if he could get back at Alice for her admission on her feelings for another man. Why did he go to Domino again once Alice tells her dreams? If dreams are manifestations of our inner thoughts or feelings, there is no scene that tells us why Alice dreams like that. Is she not happy with Bill… Well there isn’t enough scenes to tell that they weren’t happy together. They both flirted with others in a party, but that is where it stopped. Then why? Am I missing something here? Am I dumb enough for these kind of movies? Well for that matters, Bill did not get what he wanted , either from the secret party or from Domino, did he? Was it a sign that if that line was crossed, then the marriage would have been ‘the end’. Now they both have their own things, Alice had her dream and her so-called-one-sided affair, Bill had his night with the secret sex society and his tryst with Domino and in both cases, they were just trying to do what? After all that they are going to go on with their lives eyes wide shut? Is that it ? So many questions…God… Now I think I should try some of his other movies and see if its just this movie or if Stanley Kubrick’s movies are way beyond my comprehension.

Update on 8th July:

In my confusion on the story line, I forgot about the music. There was this soundtrack which came up during the time Tom Cruise visits the secret place and the soundtrack is a Classical Carnatic music with Tamil words, like ‘idhu enna naragamaa’ (which means, ‘is this hell?’) I was so surprised to hear that.

2 thoughts on “Eyes Wide Shut – Confusing!!!”

  1. Some of his movies are a bit difficult to grasp. The end of ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ confused a hell of a lot of people. You should definitely check out ‘The Shining.’ It’s not anywhere near as difficult as some of his other stuff but his brilliance shines through regardless.


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