Fandom – CSK

Okay…I just couldn’t resist myself with this. So I am going ahead with another post for today’s prompt on Fandom.

India is known for its passion towards Cricket. Even though hard core Cricket fans would say that the latest trend of the shortest version of the game, i.e. T20, is a bane to the sport, I am glad about it. Because I don’t have to spend almost the whole day watching the match, which is restricted now to a mere 4 hours. So, yes, I am a T20 fan and in particular, a very HUGE fan of the team CSK (Chennai Super Kings) of the Indian Premier League. It has got nothing to do with the players (even though I love each and every one of them, especially, former Hayden, Dhoni, Vijay, Raina and Mr Dependable(s) Michael Hussey, Dwayne Bravo and Albie Morkel ), but  because it belongs to my place. And the bonus of it is, that the captain of this team is Indian Team’s captain as well. Even though it is marred by a lot of controversies and scandals, I would still support this team and this format. And I am fiercely loyal to it. So ‘ enga Chennai super kings’ku oru periya whistle podu‘ (give a big whistle for our Chennai Super Kings).

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