Music of Raanjhanaa and Chennai Express


You already know that I really liked the music of this movie from my review. But I felt that this album definitely needs a separate post (even if it is shared), because after a long time, I liked all the songs of an Album by ARR. My pick of the lot though are

a) Raanjhanaa (best of the lot)

b) Piya Milenge

c) Tu Man Shudi (for the peppy beats)

Chennai Express:

I am very apprehensive of this movie, because I am not that impressed with the trailer. But since it culminates two different cultures (represented by Hindi and Tamil languages, both of which I am very comfortable), I might want to watch it (and definitely not for SRK… I am not a fan of his and for the record, I did not like the look of Deepika Padukone in this movie) and see how much of mockery has happened in the process….I hope they prove me wrong. But with respect to the songs, there is only one song that has captured my attention in this album.

Titli (meaning Butterfly) sung by Chinmayi and Gopi Sunder is my pick of the lot. Chinmayi has a beautiful voice and has sung it very beautifully. To hear it along with the Carnatic notes…its gives a very soothing feel.

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