Being a stranger

Even though I did a photo post, I couldn’t help write about being a stranger in a strange land.

  • Being a vegetarian cuts down a lot of possibility of trying out new food in a strange land. I did try the veggies that were in offer and the only place, among all the places I have visited, that had quite a wide variety for the veggie lovers was Guadalajara, in spite of everyone’s scares. I tried almost all the available variety of Mexican Veg food there.
  • I love hearing the historical importance of a place and the details of its architecture and stuff like that. I really enjoyed the history of Mayan civilization in Chichen Itza among all the places, and was awed on how close it was to Indian civilization.
  • People watching is one of my favorite past times in a new land. The one place where I immensely enjoyed it was Las Vegas. Waiting for a bus, having a Ghirardelli ice creams (especially a large one), relaxing on the steps of ‘The Venetian’ – all these places gave me an insight on the variety of people who come there.
  • Since most of the time I am on my own, I also enjoy watching nature without any disturbances. I can sit and watch the sea and hear the waves for ever. Like wise, when I visit places which gives me that kind of peace, I go to a quite place and enjoy it in my own way, so much that at times I get tears. One such place that moved me a lot was the ‘Grand Canyon‘.

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