Sharp Objects

Sharp Objects

<<<Spoiler Alert>>>

I chose Sharp Objects because I loved Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. I kind of liked her in Gone Girl and the humor in it. And I did not read the premises of Sharp Objects, except that the girl Camille was a cutter. Well, I have read YA stories where people cut themselves to handle their psychological problems. So I did not think it as a big deal and started with this book. The story goes like this. Camille is an average reporter in ‘The Daily Post’ (;)) and she is given an assignment to report about a missing girl in her home town. which she tries to avoid, and also about a murdered little girl  (an unresolved case). Once she is there, she has to not only handle the 2 killings (the 2nd girl who is missing is found murdered) but also had to handle her mother and her step sister and her past with her dead sister. She became a cutter after the death of her sister Marian, and she had carved words in her body almost everywhere before she sought help.  Its Camille’s journey, in which she not only unravels the mystery over her sister’s death, which had avoided for quite a long time now, but also the killer of the other two girls.

The story was good, but it got me sad. I can hardly stand anything happening to kids. I was already upset over my nephew’s illness and was wondering why kids get sick, you know and all that stuff was going through my head and along with it I picked up this novel. Well, bad timing on my part. Its not that I could not have dropped it and picked up another book. I could have, totally, but something made me go through this book. That is what I like about Gillian Flynn’s novels. Even ‘Gone Girl’ did that. For all the negativity it has, the story still gets you intrigued. These kind of books are the reason I am taking the Psychology course in Udacity now. This is the first time I am hearing about Munchausen syndrome. Such a sad and hurtful thing. God….And to imagine a kid doing all those horrible stuff…At the back of my mind I kept saying that this is a story, a novel, so you know, may be it was exaggerated a bit. But if I happen to read about it in a newspaper (even they exaggerate) or hear it from someone I know, I think I will go into depression. I can understand kids wanting to gain attention. I get that a lot from my nieces and nephew. They at times outdo themselves to get my attention (because I am their only favorite aunt ;)). But to want to gain attention like this… well… I wish kids do not have to go through that. It should be the mother’s responsibility isn’t, to make the kids feel cherished  and all.. Ok, I am stopping here now. Well you get the point. The story did make me feel a sad and worried but also got me known to a new kind of psychological issue.


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