The Body


The Body – One of the lot of movies that talk about Faith and Christianity specifically. I have not much clue about Christianity and its history. I don’t think we were even taught about Hinduism for that matter. I seriously hope that has changed all these years. But I have been interested in religion enough to know that it will always be a point of contention as long as humans live. It is as one guy says in the movie “Religion is not based on rational system of proofs. It survives because of human need.” This movie reminded me of Angels and Demons where the same concept is discussed in a different way, except that it is done in the premises of ‘The Vatican’ where as this on is in another sensitive place, Jerusalem. I wanted to visit that place once, but I need to study a little bit more of the religion and their beliefs before I go there. Its not a great movie, but it addresses the conflict each believer goes through at one point of time or  the other. And even though this is more specific to Christianity, it is applicable to all religion in general, except that others do no propagate it like this. During my tour of Italy and especially The Vatican, I have seen and heard people conflicting their own religion. Its not a bad thing. At least I believe that these conflicting beliefs form the essential of a religion. Its up to each individual to understand and accept it. If you lose faith at some time, well you weren’t either well informed or that religion and your belief doesn’t serve its purpose for your any longer. Its as simple as that.

There have been a lot of incidents where men of God are not what they seem to be. Even now in India, we have incidents very regularly where these men of Gods misuse the trust the people have in them for their gains. But you know what, it doesn’t matter. The need of the people to believe in something and to be able to go to someone to handle their problems and to find a solution when things go out of their hand, always gives these men of God an added advantage. This can never change. If not the person who got caught, then someone else, until he gets caught. Its a vicious cycle, but it will be there.

As they say in this movie, ‘God has no place in politics’. But man uses God for his own needs, be it political, social, economic or personal reasons. If God was there sitting above us and looking at us, He/She must have been thinking, I don’t need to devise any thing for the world to have to be in a proper cycle of birth and death, to maintain the balance you know. If I am the cause of the creation, well I am the cause of destruction also. People have conflicting views about their faith and the role of religion in it. Its again a point of discussion, which I am not going into. This movie is not a great one, but does invoke a lot of feelings in you and your beliefs.

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