This is me !

In response to Weekly Writing Challenge: A Pinch of You

I am not good with introductions and have never initiated a conversation in my life. So this is going to be a little weird and difficult for me. But I am good with writing it rather than speaking it. So I am going to go ahead and give it a try (apart from this one I tried with my photograph).


What is your best positive and worst negative, asked my interviewer during my campus interview way back in 1998. My best positive is my patience and perseverance and worst negative is my patience and perseverance. And my answer was not well thought. It was just what came to my mind at that time. But then when he asked me to explain, I had to think of why my mind conjured up this answer. I had to think for a few seconds before I blow up my first chance on a job just because of an impulsive answer and I was the last one interviewed and ironically, my patience was reaching its end ;). I have been said to have the patience of a saint (which is at times not a good thing though), but when I lose it, well I turn into Kali, not only in sight, but in words too… You just don’t want to be there to hear it when I lose it. I explained him that and for some damn reason, he just smiled and let me go. After coming out of that room, I was wondering if that is going to impact my first ever job interview and the chances of a stable job. But when I am politically correct most of the times, I can be brutally honest at worst possible times too. And you would be always surprised, as I am. And I chose my job interview for that worse time. hmmm…And guess what, I got my job that day. I vowed myself that day that I will not lose it at work and I have kept it like that  for all of these 15 years.

My dad used to play chess and carom with me and my brother whenever he got time from his shifts. But unless he doesn’t have a choice he will not select me as his opponent for chess. Because I can never attack and always play defensive, the game would on for what seems to be forever and he is not a very patient man ;). And for carom, I always pair up with my mom, who takes her time for her strike and its results while I can be guaranteed to give the opponents some extra points for not being very perceptive with the positions and the results of my strike. What I lose, she makes it up :D.

As much as I loved batting with my brother in a road side cricket game (which I did till I got banned… in India, girls are not allowed after an age to play in the roads) I also loved dancing in any form (not that I know to dance, but I love to watch).

So you see, I am a picture of contradictions (even literally), so much in fact that the people who see me first get surprised after knowing me a little because I never, I mean never, am this person my face portrays me to be.

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