Bell, Book & Candle – lightweight and fun

It was a random pick for a Saturday evening movie. Since I wasn’t reading any good books this week, I wanted to watch another movie and picked up the 1958 movie Bell, Book and Candle. Why? Because it was about witchcraft and its a rom-com. At times, a good rom-com does relax me and include some wizardry… I wanted to try that :), after all I am a huge fan of Harry Potter series.

<<<Spoiler Alert>>>

I like Patrick Stewart a lot, even though I have watched only a handful of his movies till now. He’s got style. He is the guy on whom the witch puts the spell so that he will forget his fiance (whom she dislikes from college). But then she ends up falling in love with him, only to have her witch craft powers revoked. Yeah the same old story of the witches or angels losing their powers when they get emotionally entangled with mere mortals or muggles. Kim Novak is so beautiful and when she does that thing with her eye brows, along with the cat, she does look like a witch. Again without that cat, she can pass for only a beautiful woman. I don’t like cats, sorry. I am  a dog person and so this cat gave me creeps. Its a Christmas story, so obviously it will have HEA (happily ever after) endings, which I am particularly fond of, especially in a romance. The music was very good, especially the humming sequence and the other tune that comes very often. It was very pleasant. When Kim confronts Patrick about the magic and stuff and the way he tries to rationalize and then later goes to the other lady to have it revoked. It was funny :).

Well, if you are looking for some relaxing time and a good rom-com with a dash of witchery in it, watch this 😉


2 thoughts on “Bell, Book & Candle – lightweight and fun”

    1. Actually most of the old movies I watch are given to me by my friends. I pick one based on my preference :). This is surely a fun movie to watch.


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