Mud – young southern drama

Thanks to Wonderful Cinema for introducing me to another good movie.

<<<Spoiler Alert>>>

Mud – A sort coming of age movie for a boy of 14 years, whose life ends up with enough turns after he meets a man Mud, in an island where he and his friend go to find an abandoned boat, only that it is currently Mud’s shack. It was nice to see Matthew McConaughey  after a long time. The kid Tye Sheridan did an amazing job. Where he is the soft and vulnerable guy, his friend Nick played by Jacob Lofland is the voice of reason, not caught up on too much emotions and seeing things as is. I like the  extremes. With issues of separation his parents already troubling him, Ellis tries to play the messenger after learning that Mud did what he had to do for love. For this kid, who doesn’t understand how his parents cannot love each other anymore since they are married and all, love is a very important thing and he tries to help Juniper and Mud. But when that also falls apart along with his pretended girl friend’s humiliation, he gives up. I almost had tears seeing him in that scene. To realize that love is not all that it seems to be and how much hard work goes to it, well he could have been spared that details in that age. But then its also makes him man up for the rest to come. Reese Witherspoon in a small and not so significant role did not have much to impress here. Mud who is so helpful to have some friends, even though they are kids, and who are ready to help him , sort of uses them, but then he also does the right thing when it matters. I love hearing different accents and the southern one in this movie was so good to hear :).

Its not a great thriller or anything, its more of an young adult movie, where the kids learn a thing or two from the elders and vice versa. A pleasant watch.

5 thoughts on “Mud – young southern drama

  1. I thought McConaughey would never get out of the Rom-Com rut he was in, but he managed to start making some really interesting choices lately. I believe he’s in a cop show coming to HBO soon with Woody Harrelson, I’ll be looking forward to that.


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