Give it to the local folk

Dappan koothu is the other name for the local folk genre of South India. It has its own attraction  because you can dance for these songs in any way you want. You don’t have to have a proper choreography. Its quite popular here especially if you want to dance after you are dizzy. I like quite a lot of koothu songs because it peps you up and don’t bother the lyrics to these songs. They are just for fun 😉 and most of them sound the same. They are purely made for fun and dance and some gala time.

Today I got introduced to two songs from my friends. I absolutely loved it. So here they are. Something to pep you up for the week 😉

The first one is a remake of a very old Malayalam song but this time its remixed and remade in a latest Tamil movie, Neram. The second one is from the Usthad Hotel movie in Malayalam, even though this is not a proper koothu song, but still a fun song. I have heard that this movie is good, but am yet to watch it. Here are the links.

Pista – Neram

Appangal – Usthad Hotel

Enjoy 😀

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