(Short) Story of my blog

Today’s prompt: Why did you start your blog? Is that will why you blog, or has your site gone in a different direction than you’d planned?

I would like to answer it rather than post a photograph.

2008 was a very trying year. Too much heart aches, too much loss (more of emotional loss than the physical ones), well, to make it simple, my life took a 180 in that year. I never thought that I would have to go through so much in my life. I am not a quitter. I never was. So when I was down and about, I tired a lot of things which will make me not go insane. That is when I started learning Guitar. Then I took the inspiration from my brother , who was then blogging for a while, and started a personal blog. No one except me and a very very few friends knew about it. That blog was more for my personal ramblings. It then later became my travelogue when I started traveling a bit and then my views on the books I read, movies I see, cricket matches I enjoy etc etc. It was my pensieve. Since it had everything under it, my friend suggested me to have a separate one for my views on the books, movies and music, which have been my best friend for a long time (well, you kind of need those when you are all by yourself), and then later when I took to photography, that too became my best friend. So as part of diversification of my personal blog, I started this one and here I am.

My posts have digressed from the original intention due to the Daily Post (yes, I blame you 🙂 ), but I still try to stay on course, even though I have included my photographs (I am still a novice and a learner with respect to photography) along with the rest.

But I am happy where I am and might start a new one just to record my travel memoirs (probably export all the existing memoirs in one place). But till then, Happy Blogging.

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