Just couldn’t resist

Since I am not in Facebook or any other social site (except WordPress and Blogger, if you consider it), I do miss out on a few good things, just like the video below. I got the link from my friend and it was just freaking awesome. I just loved watching it (and watched it almost more than 3 times now) and the music that went with it was too good. It complimented the video so well. I couldn’t resist posting it here.


People are Awesome

In case you are interested in the background score, here it is.

Dubstep: Clark Kent feat. Mimi Page – Life

2 thoughts on “Just couldn’t resist

    1. I used to get tempted about it, but then its too much work. I have my hands full with only WordPress (and two blogs in it) and my personal blog in Blogger. I just need some good links from time to time and my friends help me out with it.


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