My second love

I remember even now, my first glimpse into the World of Magic. The first movie of Harry Potter was released in Bangalore and my friend had taken me. I had no idea of what Harry Potter movie was about till then, and neither did my friend, except that it was a kids movie, it was doing well and may be, just may be I might enjoy it. Once the movie started, I was so in ‘AWWWW’ that I totally forgot that I was there with some one or that I was in a theater or even that I was in my mid 20’s. It was suddenly like I was into a different world, a world I knew from somewhere, somewhere I felt I belonged, where I had these friends who could do cool things. And suddenly when the Quidditch match happened, it was like a India Pakistan cricket match. I am never for public display of any emotion, but that day I was jumping up and down in the theater seat, not minding the looks of the parents and my friend near by, but joining the crowd of kids yelling and encouraging Harry Potter. And when the movie ended, I knew that I was in love again, but this time it was with a imaginary fictional world with all its wonderful characters, but in love nonetheless. And there was no looking back. Even though my real love ended, the love of this fictional world and its characters is still going strong.


This entry is an attempt for the Weekly Writing Challenge :  I remember

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