No more pets


Never again am I going to have a dog for a pet. Having had one and lost it to pneumonia, I just cannot think of going through the pain that comes with the loss. I ain’t that strong.


21 thoughts on “No more pets”

  1. And everytime we said that during a year…..but the house seems so empty. And we adopted another one, an older one because nobody wanted to save her life.


    1. That was so nice of you. I still have my doubts especially now with my current life style, it is going to be very difficult because I move around a lot.


  2. The depth of your grief shows how much you loved your animal friend. The death of a pet can be shockingly painful, and lots of people are surprised by the depth of their reactions. With time, I hope you will come to focus more on the happiness your dog brought you, than the pain caused by the loss. But grief takes its own time, and won’t be hurried.


    1. Thank you for those words. He is with me in my thoughts more than I can realize. May be because every dog I see, I see a part of him in them and that thought alone gives me a smile.


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