4 O’ Clock – short yet effective

Just by chance, because I was so bored yesterday night and was randomly browsing the YouTube as I always do, I stumbled upon this movie “Suspicion Four O’ Clock” by Alfred Hitchcock, which runs for only 47 minutes. I watched it in YouTube for free (Honestly, who will pass the opportunity ?)

A few points before you click on that link. Do not read the text below the video, do not read the plot synopsis in the IMDB site. It just gives away the whole plot. Just go ahead and watch it and if you are fond of Hitchcock’s movies, this short TV Film will be right for you. Here is a short summary though without any spoilers. A watch mechanic is suspicious of his wife having an affair and plots to blow up his house with his wife and her lover at 4 O’ clock. But once the plan is in motion, everything that can go wrong goes wrong (Murphy’s Law?).

I cannot say much without giving away too much details to the plot so I ain’t gonna even try. But you will enjoy the last 10 mins or so with the clock ticking along with the speed and sound of your heart beat. You might even guess at one point of time what the end might even be, but that wouldn’t stop you breaking a sweat or two ;), so go for the ride and let me know if you did enjoy it 🙂



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