You should have been…

I know I have already posted for this prompt, but I remembered an incident and I wanted to share it.

This happened when I was in my college (under graduation) I think, I don’t remember the year correctly. We were on this trip to a temple down south of Tamil Nadu. There we have people who do this palm reading in every street and every corner. We were sitting on the beach and there came this lady. She said she does palm reading, but my dad did not want to hear any of it. He said he wasn’t interested (I was way too curious actually, but didn’t want the wrath of my dad on me on the trip). But she was very persistent and she literally pulled my hand and had a look at it and said ‘She should have been born a boy but you ended up with a girl’. I was so dumb struck with the statement I didn’t know how to respond. Really? Can something like that happen ? What would life be if I was a guy ? 100 questions in 2 seconds (my brain’s processing speed was pretty amazing at that time). My dad literally pulled back my hand from her and said ‘Yes I know, thank God for that, otherwise I would have been dead already’ and we walked away from her, me so disappointed that I did not get to know some secrets that can unveil my future even before it happens and my dad happy that he wasn’t forced to pay her for that one dumb statement.

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