Contributions and Awards

I have always liked to try new things from time to time, especially the ones that I fear the most. This time I have tried to participate in a project of an interesting blogger I follow. He came up with the idea of Project O and I decided to pitch in. This is very new for me, because I have never participated in a discussion of any kind in any form in the web sphere. I am a viewer mostly because group discussions scare me, but this time I have become a participant, because it interested me a lot. In case you want to dive in, just take the template, fill it in and send it to him (the email address is mentioned in his website). Thanks OM.

Its time I give proper Thanks to the fellow bloggers who have nominated me for the Awards.

Thank you ‘ReviewsByAGirl’ & ‘TvorTravels‘. It is really an honor to know that people appreciate my work. I have done my share of Q&A for now, thanks to Project O :), so I will skip the part where I have to answer the questions that comes with these Awards. But thanks for the support.

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