Raja Rani – Music : Views

The movie Raja Rani got of to a start with a big rumor that the lead pair got married 🙂 (of course, it was all in the movie). I like this pair. They were sort of cute even in Boss Engira Bhaskaran.

I haven’t liked any of G. V Prakash’s recent tunes. But this one was much better than those.

The symphony ‘A Love for Life’ is not my usual kind of music. I mostly prefer them with lyrics, but this sounded good. But kind of felt like I have heard it somewhere.

I would never associate Shakthisree Gopalan’s voice for Nayanthara !!! I am having trouble imagining it, but let us see how it comes out in screen. This song ‘Angnyaade’ is nice and can come to a repeat performance in my playlist 🙂

‘Chillena’: I felt like this was again heard somewhere (felt like some Bollywood remake)

‘Imaye Imaye’: Felt like two male voices were singing. But passes muster. Sort of a proposal song.

‘Oday Oday’ , ‘Unnale’ & ‘Hey Baby’:  Rejected

Score for this is 2.5/7. Hope I like some songs when I see with in the movie and I am planning to watch this movie once it is out. Here is the trailer.

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