Chennai Express – No comments

What can I say, I really did not want to watch this film. But when everyone around you starts to give references to this film (including my manager), I need to know what it is all about to really get the joke. I had already posted my views on the music of this film some time back. And that hasn’t changed after seeing the movie.

Kahan se liya aisyi bakwaas story (translated to: Where did you get this stupid story from) ? Sorry, I forgot, there is no story. It feels like it was made on a ‘as and when required’ basis. Shah Rukh is getting older (I know two of my close friends who are his great fans, but I still will go by it… He should here after think twice before getting himself involved in movies) and he has tried a comedy role after the mega flop of Ra One (I hope I am not missing anything after that !!!). I am no ShahRukh Khan fan. I liked a couple of his movies during his early stages, because the story was good, the screen play of those movies were better and he was a breath of fresh air at that time. Well, now, no more. Sorry boss. And please please please stop using Rajnikanth to gain popularity in South India. You don’t need to do that. You are already well known. Stop misusing his name for everyone’s sake.  What is this ‘Lungi Dance’ and why are they referring to Rajni in that song I have no clue. Do they know that Rajni has never worn a lungi ever in any of his film all through his film career ? or atleast after he became the Kollywood Super Star ? It was such a WTF song and sadly the music is so upbeat that it has already garnered enough attention. I introduced that song to my friend and her son to vent out my irritation and now it is one of their favorite songs. Go figure!!!!  (and that is why I am not posting a YouTube link of that song! I don’t want to promote it anymore).

Lot of South Indian actors used and lot of rip offs from South Indian movies (Gilli – is the main movie from which lot of scenes are lifted). Not only that, they also have spoofed the DDLJ  in good measure just to balance the scales I think. And what happened to Deepika Padukone? Is it me or is anyone else finding her resemblance to Priyanka Chopra too much with every movie nowadays ? She has really put on weight and I am not complaining. She looks good, but I don’t know, their chemistry or physics didn’t sit well in this movie. Remember I loved this pair in Om Shanti Om. Satyaraj, Delhi Ganesh, Mohanram – all totally wasted.

It is good that they tried to bridge the gap between two different cultures and all that thing. I really appreciate that. And this might be the first movie where they do it with big actors and it gets a much wider audience. But it could have been done with a better story line too. Not a comedy movie with nothing for a script. And to earn so much. What can I say? One good part I liked was the way they used the songs to communicate between them when they want to tell something in secret. That was well done. And I really appreciate the way Deepika (supposedly a Tamilian) speaks Hindi, because that is how I speak Hindi. I know to speak and read Hindi, but it is so laced with my Tamil accent and I always screw up the grammar, at times, my friends whose mother tongue is Hindi, bang their heads on the walls hearing me speak. And I don’t give it up just because of incorrect pronunciation or grammar. How will I learn then 😉 ? This one thing consoled me because I was really upset the way she spoke Tamil. Can’t they have some one dub for her with proper accent. God, as per the movie, she is from a local Tamil village and she spoke Tamil with all that Hindi accent to it. Really? Ek cheez tho acchi karthi?

I know I shouldn’t have watched this movie and feel so bad about it. When my brother called up and I told him that I just watched this movie, he was like ‘Are you crazy? why do you have to put your self through such agony?’. I was like ‘ yeah, tell me about. I guess I wanted to feel irritated for a change’. If I have to compare to any Hollywood type movies, it is like the Adam Sandler’s movies that at times makes you groan (not in a good way) as soon as you are into a few scenes. And I hardly watch his movies (except may be First 50 dates). So yeah, you get the point.

Another hilarious review of this movie (by one blogger I follow). She sums it all up very humorously.

4 thoughts on “Chennai Express – No comments

  1. Noooooooo….. Its a Good movie. Is it just a coincidence? I just finished watching the movie now. And I liked it toooo.. After so many years i liked a SRK movie. ::P SRK is the superstar, as long as he is entertaining even if there is no story, I will love it. he he


    1. See I already knew you would say that. Good coincidence though. What do you mean by ‘I liked it too’. I didn’t like it dear. And no matter what I say you will still promote him :).


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