Desingu Raja – Music: Views

The last one for this week :),

Desingu Raja (A already released movie and one I am not planning to watch)

D. Imman is not considered to be a great composer, but I find him very consistent. Even though his songs sound similar to his other songs, there is a sort of different feel to it. He almost has done songs which are very local in nature.

Ammadi Amaadi : A romantic love song and very beautifully sung by Shreya Ghoshal. I just love her voice. So sweet like the honey. And her diction is perfect. And yes it is a repeat in my playlist already.

Oru Ora Ora Paarvai: Average song, but at least doesn’t make me skip it.

Nelaavattam Nethiyile: The typical folk (not the kuthu type) song of D. Imman. Average

Pom Pom Pom: Again very average, but because of the words used, it is going to be a hit among kids just like the Bad Boys ( I really got tired of that song the way my nieces and nephews were playing it on repeat)

Yaarume Kekkave Illa: Average.

Not all songs are great, in fact I am so hooked to Ammadi Ammadi. But then the rest doesn’t make me skip them. And that is a big plus. How comes this movie got good songs 😦

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