What’s in a name?

I am glad that this prompt came up. I never found an opportunity to post about why I chose my name (KG) as my screen name. As for my original name, we come from a family where we use the names of their grandparents for their sons/daughters. So yes, part of my name is that of my paternal grandmother. And that goes for my other siblings too, except that my father refused strictly to use my maternal grandmother’s name for my sister and I hope it is because it sounded very old fashioned. I just can’t imagine calling her by that name without snickering. So I don’t think they thought too much while naming us. But there is a reason to follow that tradition. It is basically to trace the history of family tree , at the maximum you will end up a list of 10-15 names based on the size of the family, and so easy to remember naa 🙂

KG – short form for Kundhavai Granger. Kundhavai is the first name of my favorite character Kundhavai Pirattiyaar from my all time favorite novel Ponniyin Selvan (in Tamil language). And Granger is from the last name of my other favorite character Hermione Granger from my other favorite series Harry Potter. I love both these women characters from all of the books I have read so far. They resemble me in more than one ways. Strong willed, fiercely loyal, opinionated but subtle, at times bull headed, very passionate, smart (though I am not sure if that applies much to me, but I will take it 🙂 ), well you get the idea. I wish I had a Polyjuice potion where I can mix both their hair pieces and create a real Me :). That would be too cool. It also represents the culmination of two different cultures, but represented in a single person (narcissistic huh ? sorry about that ). But I really love this name I created,

“Must a name mean something?” Alice asked doubtfully.
Of course it must,” Humpty Dumpty said with a short laugh; “my name means the shape I am – and a good handsome shape it is, too. With a name like yours, you might be any shape, almost.” 
― Lewis Carroll

63 thoughts on “What’s in a name?”

  1. Hi KG,

    Thanks a lot for visiting my blog.

    I found a post in your blog very interesting, the Chandra Choodeswarar temple near hosur,

    I haven’t heard about this place before.

    I’ll explore this side in the coming weekend mostly.

    Thanks a lot for highlighting a less known place, here.

    Have a great year ahead.


    1. Thank you Sreejit, Its a nice place and now that the weather is also very cool in Bangalore it will be worth a visit. It is a pretty small temple though.


      1. From looking at your site, I thought that, but there is a large Indian population on Mauritius, and you were the only one from that part of the world this morning in my stats….oh well, thanks for letting me know. I appreciate your visits. The mystery remains…:-)


    1. Thank you 🙂
      It’s @kundavaigranger. But I am not very active in it. I do use it very rarely for following a handful of fellow bloggers.


  2. Just landed up here through one of your movie reviews. Pretty surprised on seeing your Books, Music and Movies & my See, Hear and Read having lots in common, right from the title. Anyways, it’s nice to have found a like-minded blogger out of nowhere. Loved the name, reasoning and the quote from Alice. Cheers, KG! 🙂


  3. haha I loved the quote from Alice in Wonderland. Just love Lewis Caroll’s way of using English. There’s muchness in it. Your name is beautiful! Adapted that is. Thumbs up. Good to know more about you. Although I’d like to inquire if english version of the novel Ponniyin Selvan is available?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 👍 😀 Thank you. Yes, the English version of that book is available. I did see it on Amazon once. It’s a historical fiction based on a Tamil Kingdom.

      Liked by 1 person

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