Surprise stretch

For today’s prompt, I’m gonna post a series of pictures to show my surprise on the behavior of a reptile in a zoo.

This snake when we first saw, it was just warming up by looking up.

IMG_0768Then it tried to do some stretch (like its gonna do some aerobics πŸ˜‰ )IMG_0769

I thought this was cute, but it didn’t stop there, it wanted to humor us more

IMG_0772I begin to wonder what it was trying to do exactly and then it did this

IMG_0774I have never seen a snake stretch vertically like this and guess what, it went ahead and tried to hold on to the cover

IMG_0776I was like WOW!!! really ? Can they do this ? Well I saw it with my eyes and got it captured too. I was scared of them earlier but after this , I am terrified of them.

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