Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam – Average but watchable

I chose this movie Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam today for two reasons.

1) I needed a break from Requiem for a Dream after effect (in fact I completed a quick read romance after watching the movie)

2) Sivakarthikeyan – He is getting better with each movie (in terms of looks and dance, I mean). He still has a long way to go with respect to acting because he solely relies on his comedy timing and delivery, which is A-one , no doubt. But it will get boring after sometime.

In this movie, additionally Sathiyaraj (another nakkal mannan) is also joining hands with him. So double galatta. Its a very average movie with respect to story and direction and stuff like that. But what makes it entertaining is the comic sequences. There are movies which has these kind of sequences but would become boring almost to the half of the first half of the movie. This one did not bore me till the end. For some reason, I felt it like Manam Kothi Paravai. Same kind of story and same kind of treatment.

Songs are very average. Heroine is cute. Sathiyaraj has his moments. Another plus point of the movie. It talks about issues related to women. Child marriage, Women’s education, honor killings – these are the main topics that are touched in a way which sends a message but is very subtle in treatment. They don’t preach anything , they just let you know about it. For e.g. when the hero sees the banner that the girl who is studying in the 11th grade is being forced to marriage by her parents (and she is not attained the official marriage age yet), he files a complaint with the police and stops the marriage (of course he ends up falling in love with the same girl at the end…but that is a different story). Similarly they dig on the way the parents separate their children who fall in love just because they are afraid of what the others would say about them in their society and not because of the real concern for their children. These kind of small small things are plenty and that is why it is worth the watch.

I needed some relaxing time with a light movie and that is what this movie is all about. Just time pass.


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