All I tried to do was ‘Trek’…

And, Yes, I am glad that I did it. Nothing could have prevented me from trying that out. But why did I have to use a shoe small in size for my first trek. Now after a month of that incident (where my toe nails became blue and then black because of the pressure from the small sized shoe), I am just back from the hospital, having removed my toe nails, cleaned up the infection and a big bandage on the toe looking like they have removed the toe instead of the nail. And it pains from the inside like hell. And it did cost a LOT. So not fair :(. How am I going to rectify it? Well, I already did. By buying a proper shoe (even though it did cost me 3k) but at least it is a good one and has enough gap in it for my comfort. But will I do trekking again? Hell yeah but not the kind where they suffer for days or so. I am not sure I am fit for that kind. I like it mild.

Sorry for the rant. I am in pain and waiting for my medicine to be delivered and the daily prompt just gave the wrong (or right) prompt for today 😉

10 thoughts on “All I tried to do was ‘Trek’…”

  1. Argh. As a kid I always had ingrown toe nails. I had two operations on both my big toes to rectify it. Hurt a lot after the ops!! So you definitely have my sympathy.
    Defintely don’t give up on hiking and even treks. Good for the mind body and soul 🙂


    1. Oops !!! And thank you. I liked being with nature with less crowd and peaceful environment. So I am trying to get back in shape for another one 🙂


  2. […] And then around the time of August when I shifted back to Bangalore, I went on a trip to Wayanad with my friends. This trip again branded me with a couple of more bruises and marks of my dare devilry .  First it was just a slip on the way to my room (on a small iron bridge for God’s sake) and then again during the trek to Chembara Peak (where the heart shaped lake was there at the top), I had the fortune to slip and slide more than once, covering myself with as much dirt and mud as was possible, and I also managed to push the guide (who was such a nice person to help me with my luggage and all, all during the trek) too along with me during my fall,  a couple of times (unintentionally though). Thankfully, he was stronger than he looked and was able to ward off my attempts. But after the trip, the effect of my less than my size shoes caused me trouble later, where my ‘left leg’ toe nail started to get infected and I had to surgically remove it. The right leg’s toe nail was dried enough to fall on its own in its own sweet time. I had already ranted about it in my other post. […]


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