Disconnect – Connecting the dots

Disconnect – A thriller drama movie about how the current trend of being ‘online’ can have its own negative side effects too. Its about three disconnected stories getting connected.

Spoiler Alert:

A chat room stripper getting introduced to a TV anchor woman who wants to cover him for her story and ends up causing more damage to him and his life, which he chose, rather than help him out of it.

Two boys who bully another quiet boy by posing themselves as a girl and then coaxing him to take nude shots of himself for the ‘girl’ and they spread it to everyone resulting in the boy attempting suicide due to the shame. One of the boy’s father is online security specialist.

A husband and wife, who are getting away from each other due to their kids demise, find their bank accounts wiped clean by a hacker who got hold of their data from a support group chat site the wife uses to alleviate her loneliness.

How the character of these stories are getting connected in a way they affect each other’s lives and how the online communication causes disaster in their lives, and yet how the events bring them closer to their loved ones is what the story is all about.

Honestly, it is a little scary to see this. Not that we do not know about these stuff. We know that these things happen. But unless we fall victim to it we don’t realize the gravity of such things. We are in a time when not being IT savvy or even having an email is considered so out of place. But it is also an age where we rely on getting to know people (even the ones sitting next to us) through online mode. Gone are the days when we used to sit and talk, share a letter to express our love. Day in and day out we hear so many stories about how the kids of these age misuse the technology to bully others resulting in deaths. We hear about how people fall victims to perverts online because they are just seeking solace from their problems at home. So the events themselves are not a  big deal. We hear about them a lot. But what makes the movie riveting is the way they are connected. How one character who is the protagonist of one story becomes the antagonist of the other.  There is no definite solution to those problems. The problems have been caused and they cannot be resolved in a day, but at least they are able to realize the need to be there in person for their loved ones.

I liked the movie, even though it made me feel a little sad. Screenplay was really good.

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