Tuesday Tunes

This week’s tunes are gonna be somewhat melancholic (representing my dull mood obviously).

Jar of Hearts – Chrisitina Perri => I love this song for a lot of reasons and I love singing to it too… of course, I still have problems with the high pitch which she renders it beautifully, but I still keep trying. I love the video of it too.

Sky Scraper – Demi Lovato =>  Another one of my favorite songs.

Stay – Rihanna => I am not a great fan of Rihanna (I used to like her songs once upon a time though), but this song recently did make my favorite list.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes”

  1. I really like Skyscraper – I heard it on X factor on Saturday but wasn’t sure who sang it, I’m still not sure who she is but glad I seen this, thanks!


  2. You should check out “Chvrches”. Great band from Glasgow – a lot of their stuff has already been out and online, but their album was only just released this past week. I think you’ll like them! 🙂


    1. Wow.. I just realized that I already have their ‘The Mother We Share’ song and I had liked it. I just didn’t get around to checking it out in detail :)…that’s cool. I am glad that you pointed it out..otherwise it would have taken more time to recognize it


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