Sherlock Holmes – Evergreen and Untiring

I am not a great fan of watching serials, because I have to wait for it every week for that particular time for it to resume and I don’t have patience for that. Not that I have never watched it, but after starting work, watching TV was never in the agenda (most hostels do not have TV and when I got shifted to the one which had a TV, I lost interest). So I always stick to movies which ends in max of 3 hours (the same reason I like Twenty-Twenty cricket).

But there were a few serials when I was growing up which fascinated me. I don’t remember most of them, but the one that I remember in English was the Sherlock Holmes (1984 TV series).  I could not have watched it at that time for sure, because I was hardly 6/7 years and I don’t remember much from my childhood, so it might have been much later in the stage. What I remember is the main actor and his face. I found his name recently. It is Jeremy Brett. I remember loving that series and waiting for it (either during it rerun’s or through some other way). I found some of the episodes uploaded in You Tube recently. In case you are interested, here is the link to first episode of the first season. You can go ahead from there.

I have the books related to Sherlock Holmes too. I love these kind of mystery novels. I am also a fan of Agatha Christie (I have to search for that series too later, because I remember seeing that small fellow with the Hitler mustache in the TV  series and I would love to revisit it again). So ,when the new Sherlock Holmes got aired, I was obviously unaware of it. So my friend got me the episodes to watch almost 6 months back. I loved the new take of the stories. How they maintained the essence and used it in the current series of events. And obviously the actor Benedict Cumberbatch (Martin Freeman is a bonus here…). I loved this series too. Now I am waiting with abated breath for the third season.

Somehow theses series, irrespective of its remakes, never get boring or tiring.

3 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes – Evergreen and Untiring

  1. You and us all. It’s been a long time in the making. I am not sure whether they will be able to continue, and if they do whether there will be sufficient time in Cumberbatch and Freeman’s respective schedules to make more than one set of three every two years. Still. It is good while it lasts. I love love love Moffat’s work (Gattis too – that’s elementary). If I ever got the chance to work with either of them writing on something: that would be it for me. Arrived and staying. 🙂


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