Tuesday Tunes

Here are two of my recent favorites (effect of the vacation)

Bridgit Mendler’s Ready or Not

Anna Kendrick’s Cups (I intend to use this as my official farewell song 😉 , whenever that happens)

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tunes

  1. Ready or not. Here I come. Where you’re at? The night is young. In the crowd, the music’s loud, but I will find you!
    Ready or not. Here I come. I like your face. Do you like my song? Just sing it tra-la-la-la-la-la-laaa and I’ll find you!
    Haha! That’s a nee one for me, but liked the upbeat-ness and the slight Jamaican twist to it 🙂


        1. I have been having this urge recently to quit my industry and take up a career that would involve a lot of travel. And I wanted to sing this song to my colleagues at work at my last day as my farewell to them 😉


          1. Aha! Glad to hear it, and hope that you succeed. I share your passion for travel and whilst what I do would not work en-route, I will still try to make it as much a pat of my life as I can. 🙂 xx


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