Your time isn’t bad until…

you are bedridden, which I freakin’ hate, with a fracture. The history of my bad times starts not too long ago. I am real clumsy. Hence, I am used to getting scratched on the face (from my own finger nails), cuts on my fingers (during my cooking), red blood clots on the legs (where I keep hitting myself on the furniture)…well, you get the picture. And I am used to those bruises, at times so much that I don’t even know when I got them. But recently it seems like my bad times have become worse. The astrologer in my family attributes it to the 7 and half years of Saturn’s influence (check the last 200 days in that link), which I concede, just because it makes it a lot more easier to blame some unknown source :). If you ask my practical and/or atheist friends, they would say that it is just that I stopped being careful, which I think is also true, because I seem to be in my own (Utopian/fantasy) world very frequently in recent times. So here is what actually happened.

When I was in Hyderabad, around 4 months ago, if I am not wrong, one morning I was so much in a hurry to start to office, that I forgot that I had my hand in the gap between the doors and closed it so forcefully, that for a moment I saw stars literally. The worst affected part was my ‘left hand’ thumb. The ‘left’ is the key word here. Then I had to wait for a few more minutes to see if I really broke something or if it was just the pain from the pressure. Thankfully, nothing was broken and I wrapped my finger in bandage and went to office after downing a pain killer (and silently thanking God that I didn’t have to visit a hospital). After a month or so, the nail from my left thumb fell off and I got a new nail now even though it is slightly bent in the middle.

And then around the time of August when I shifted back to Bangalore, I went on a trip to Wayanad with my friends. This trip again branded me with a couple of more bruises and marks of my dare devilry ;).  First it was just a slip on the way to my room (on a small iron bridge for God’s sake) and then again during the trek to Chembara Peak (where the heart shaped lake was there at the top), I had the fortune to slip and slide more than once, covering myself with as much dirt and mud as was possible, and I also managed to push the guide (who was such a nice person to help me with my luggage and all, all during the trek) too along with me during my fall,  a couple of times (unintentionally though). Thankfully, he was stronger than he looked and was able to ward off my attempts. But after the trip, the effect of my less than my size shoes caused me trouble later, where my ‘left leg’ toe nail started to get infected and I had to surgically remove it. The right leg’s toe nail was dried enough to fall on its own in its own sweet time. I had already ranted about it in my other post.

After that when all things seemed a little normal for a while, I had another fall last month while on my way to my office in my two wheeler. I was there driving at my lowest speed of 30 kmph in my Honda Activa (non geared scooter) and just near the office, I see a black cover on the middle of the busy road (busy with people, garbage, cows and parked vehicles). I was wondering if I can go over the black cover and make it ‘pop’. I love the sound of the plastic things that just ‘pop’. Since I was in a good mood that particular day, I go over it only to find that it was a black helmet and my scooter panicked and skidded, and landed on top of my ‘left leg’ causing me to curse loudly. Thank God I always wear a helmet and the incoming traffic was nil (there are no medians on these roads…). I got up, stretched my leg and looked at the helmet as if someone on the evil side of the magic world (from Slytherin house may be, or is it the Ministry of Magic? I am sure I did not break any wizardry rules recently) transformed the black plastic cover to a black helmet, just to make me fall on my back. I brushed myself, took my vehicle and came to office only to find out that my left knee was bleeding with more bruises all over my left leg. I had to use the first aid kit and then clean it up. The next day I went to put on a TT injection, just in case and was limping for a few days.

When I informed my family of my impending trip to Goa, the first advice I got was, ‘your time is not good, be careful and do not drive’.  Well, as usual I took it with a pinch of salt and went on with my journey. I had to be careful to not dip my feet in the beach the first day because of the toe nail and the fear of it getting infected. But the second day, the lure of the beach was so much I decided to throw caution to the wind and enjoyed the beach, thereby making the right toe nail to fall off more easily and without any effort. The third day, when I was trying to get out of the car, I hit my ‘left leg’ knee in the side of the car door and the wound caused by my scooter fall reopened causing me to wrap it up in bandage again. And then there was this visit to an organic spice plantation where all hell broke loose. My friends warned me upfront to walk slowly and carefully seeing that it was muddy and was covered with plantation and all. It was a simple plantation and we were almost at the end of its tour where I was about to walk down the muddy stairs and then suddenly I was there lying down seeing the sky and the tall trees above me. I wasn’t sure what happened because I had my camera with me and my backpack (which very minimum weight) and I thought I heard a small ‘pop’ sound.  The next thing I did was to laugh, laugh hysterically. Especially looking at the faces of my friends, who were looking like ‘Oh God! There she goes again!!!’. It was just hilarious. I was in so much pain and I felt as if there was swelling in my ankle, but wasn’t sure if it was due to the sprain or a fracture. I believed it to be a sprain, so I used my first aid kit (which I always carry nowadays) and tried for a pain killer and a cream for the sprain. And my friends were there asking me to take it slow and relax a while, because they almost thought that I had gone insane. Things became worse as and when the day went by. We went to a nearby doctor who saw all my bruises and bandages in my leg. I had to explain him the history of each wound to which he cracked up and couldn’t help but make an exasperated sound and asked me ‘Is this a habit of yours?’. Now, what do I say to that? After a few minutes, everyone (including me) started laughing at the day’s events. The more the day went by, the more the swelling became. Finally we did an x-ray and found out that there is a fracture in the ankle by the fibula. The doc asked me to take it easy and relax for a few weeks to let it heal. I still did a few more places with the crutch after relaxing for a day or two and made sure that this injury doesn’t dampen my spirit or my thirst for visiting this place and I also sort of feel better when I am on the move. I hate sitting in a place for a long time.

Now that I am back from the trip, I am advised from all quarters to take rest, take care of myself and take life a little slower and had to listen to a threat from my mom that if I planned anything else even before the current injury gets healed, she might have to break my other leg just to keep me grounded. All said and done, I think this fracture made for a grand ending for the series of unfortunate incidents that was in the happening for quite some time and all on the left side of my body (left leg, left toe, left thumb, left knee…). It would have been different if I had some grand story to tell about my fall (it sort of is an anti climax to say that I slipped on a muddy stairs and fell down and broke my ankle, you know 😉 ). But then a fall is a fall and I am not myself, if I don’t come back bouncing from it sooner.  And I seriously hope that whatever or whoever is conspiring to put me down for a while will also take a rest and see that I have had enough of these things and I really need a break (oh God!!! Bad pun huh!!!) from them.

Stay safe y’all.

9 thoughts on “Your time isn’t bad until…”

  1. lovely post… and agree whole heartedly that we all have to be more aware of ourself, what we are doing, going, being…. etc… It’s all about us at the moment, getting to know ourself, making sure we enjoy life… loving ourself… So please be careful and love yourself completely… take care, Barbara


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