Consumer of Quotes

I love reading Quotes and have fun using them. In fact, I use them so much to the extent of silently mis-using them :). As you would be aware by now, I am no writer and I don’t have a way with words to convey what I feel or think. My vocabulary is also very limited, but ever expanding , thanks to all those book I read.

Why this sudden reminiscence on the usage of quotes? Because I realized that over a period of time, when I take a particular photograph either at home or outside, I am raking my brain to associate a quote with it. I don’t know when or why I started this. But now that I have realized it I wonder if that realization will have any effect on the process. I wish it doesn’t. For e.g. when I took the photograph posted in ‘Welcome‘ near the Lucerne Lake, during my Europe Vacation this year, I was thinking of exactly what the quote said: How we are all connected with each other just like those branches.  And Thank God, that I came across that quote, because without that, I would have waited for ever to post that photograph and trust me I desperately wanted to post it. That was one of my favorite photographs.

The same happened with the one posted for a daily prompt. I love Kahlil Gibran and love to use his quotes. And no marks for guessing that I am a die hard fan of Harry Potter. So you would find me using J.K Rowling’s Quotes from Harry Potter series quite often, like the one used in the earlier Welcome page and my very first post (this one, I knew I am gonna use that quote when I was experimenting with that photograph) in this blog. Having said that , the one posted in Perspective, the photograph was taking in 2010 during my visit to Disney Land (LA), was sheer luck. Because without that daily prompt, I wouldn’t have fished for such a quote to associate it with one of my photograph and as a bonus point, it also tells about myself and my beliefs.

Now when I look back , I am happy the way my consumption of quotes and the way they are associated with my photographs have been. They go well hand in hand and I am glad of it. And I might go along with that small tradition of mine. In case you wanna check out my photographs with the quotes , here they are.

Oh! now why do I like using quotes 😉 ? “[A] quotation is a handy thing to have about, saving one the trouble of thinking for oneself, always a laborious business.”  (The Record Lie)” ― A.A. Milne, If I May

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