Mickey Mouse – kid’s style

Ever since I have been at my home town with my parents and brother, I had more time to spend with my nieces, especially the first one who is nearing 4 years now. She loves Mickey Mouse very much. Today I tried to draw Mickey’s face on the slate which she was playing with and it came out OK. I am not good with drawing and stuff. I can copy something but still very average in that aspect. When she saw that, she was so happy that she asked me to do the whole image. I told her that there wasn’t enough space in the slate. She looked at me like I am crazy and she took it upon her to complete the picture by adding Mickey’s legs and shoes. I was surprised by her presence of mind. The image was suddenly transformed into something else and I love it (I might be a little biased here…but still). Kids always amaze me each and every single day. I am glad that I got this time with them even if it was for my ankle recovery. IMG_0896

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