Girls don’t wear pants

” Mummy ! I don’t want to wear this. I am a girl. Girls don’t wear pants. Only boys wear them. Give me a skirt. “

This is what my first niece told her mom yesterday, when she was asked to wear her night dress, which is a pant and shirt model. She and her mom had a big discussion over that, on how it is comfortable to wear for nights, how she will get to wear her skirts , frocks and churidar’s whenever she wants. She then came up with another question.

“Mummy! I am a girl and I can wear both pants and frocks. Why don’t boys wear frocks? Why do they wear only the pants ?”

She was indeed referring to my nephew and other boys she sees at school. Her mom got too tired of her questions and told her that she will find out the answer and let her know about it. I did not get involved because I was having fun watching it from the stands πŸ˜‰

This first one is a typical girl. She loves dressing up. Wearing bright new dresses, matching earrings, bangles, hair done appropriately, all things that go with it. She spends more time on that with her mom than she does for her eating. The second one is the exact opposite of the first one and resembles me more in that fashion. Simple, no-nonsense dress sans makeup is her mantra. I wonder how the first one will be when she grows up. Poor brother. He will have his hands full.

I don’t know how she made the conclusion that girls ought to wear only these kind of dresses and if not they look like boys. No one taught her. In fact she sees me more in my jeans and kurta than in my churidar’s. Β Where does these prejudices come from for these kids (she is hardly 4 years old). How can I make her understand that there are men who wear skirts in a place called Scotland πŸ˜‰ except that it is called Kilt and not a skirt. When will be the right time to tell her that dresses doesn’t matter. Its comfort that counts.

I am gonna miss them from next week, when I finally move to my place.

4 thoughts on “Girls don’t wear pants

  1. Love this wee story! I wish more men here (Scotland) wore kilts, but unfortunately they seem to be reserved for formal occasions! I read a blog post once about a parent who was gave her daughter non gender specific toys, as she didn’t want to encourage any stereo types. When she went into the bedroom after her daughter had being playing once she found the cars tucked up in a dolls cot! He he! I love this, I guess somethings are just inbuilt in us πŸ™‚


    1. When I visited Scotland, I did not find one single person wearing the Kilt, except for the mannequin in Edinburgh Castle 😦 I was rather disappointed actually.
      As you say, seems like somethings are just in built πŸ˜‰


  2. Clothing and culture is definitely a mystery– I vote for wearing whatever is most comfortable. Men wear what look like dresses in the middle east as well… Who knows. It would definitely be an interesting conversation to have with children! I hated dresses when I was little but now I’m quite the fan because it makes me feel as though I am mostly naked all the time which– lets be honest– would be the most comfortable option of all.


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