When I die

I don’t read poems that much. A few I have read (either during school or later) I remember because it struck me with so much emotion when I read them and I was able to relate to them very well. One such poem is ‘When I die’  titled ‘Request’ by Kamala Das. Don’t ask me why I remember it 🙂 There are lot of such stuff I remember just because. But this one I used to recall whenever I feel a little down with life in general. Especially when things were going tough for me in my personal life and at the heights of frustration I used to recite this one. Today I remembered it suddenly. It is a little negative. Don’t let this spoil your weekend 🙂

When I die

Do not throw the meat and bones away

But pile them up


Let them tell

By their smell

What life was worth

On this earth


What love was worth

In the end

2 thoughts on “When I die

  1. I think it is the case for many of us that reading poetry is something that is limited to school. This is one of the things I love about blogging. Once again I both write and read poetry. I am very glad of this change. I feel my days are richer for it.
    Thank you for this post, KG. A very good read.


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