Thank you….

Not sure from whom they caught this habit or who taught them, but my nieces say ‘Thank you’ whenever they specifically ask for something and we give it to them. I really appreciate that habit. That is something I have always followed right from my childhood. Recently, my first niece was in one of her fine moods and after her bath when her mom was getting her ready, she started saying ‘Ma, thank you for getting me this nice dress’ and then ‘Ma, thanks for the beautiful hair clip’ and well it continued for each and every thing that her mom used on her (even the cream wasn’t spared πŸ™‚ ). Naturally her mom got pissed after quite a few thank you’s. She said ‘Dear, it is enough if you give your thank’s to people outside of family if they offer anything. There is absolutely no need to do that with your family members, especially your parents’. Those were the exact same words I had heard from my father when I was young and I thanked him for something he got me. I was transported back in time for a few minutes when I heard it again . And no points for guessing that I did not absolutely heed my father’s words and till this date he gets irritated when I say my thanks to him.

And I was glad to see that they did not follow their mom’s advice either πŸ˜‰ , especially the second one who is yet to speak very clearly and always ends up saying ‘thankooos’ even if we thank her (she does know the word ‘belcome’ i.e. welcome, but doesn’t know where to use it yet). I feel , even though it might be a little too much over the top, they still should learn things like this and use it at home first. And then later when they come to an age where they can understand they can decide if an action requires a ‘thank you’ or not and how much they really mean it and then use it wisely πŸ™‚ . Till then, let the Thank you’s flow.

25 thoughts on “Thank you….”

  1. Awwww. I love this! You should have a word with your sister though – perhaps she is fed up with hearing thanks all of the time, but it really is a nice gesture from your nieces.

    Last night as my boyfriend and I were sitting down to eat our dinner I told him that when ever I sit down to eat I want to give thanks, like saying Grace. We’re not religious, so a typical Grace isn’t appropriate, but I AM thankful for every meal I eat. Perhaps we should give thanks to Mother Nature, who grows the produce and feeds the animals that I eat. Slight digression from your original post, but it reminded me of being thankful!


    1. She is definitely fed up with those two. They do give her hard time. But there are a few things I do disagree with her, this one being one of them. Thank fully I was there to rectify any mistake. But those two are much smarter and didn’t need my help. they knew this is something they can skip from heeding. :D. Appreciate the comment.


            1. Hey, I am glad you know. I love learning languages. Who knows it might come in handy when I visit Norway (it is on my travel bucket list πŸ˜‰ )
              And without google I found out the other word meant ‘thank God’ right ?


                    1. Please don’t tell me you are trying it on me πŸ˜‰ I have recently been visiting many blogs belonging to people who are either from Norway or settled there. Looks like a very cool and beautiful place. You want to be my guide ?


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