Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father : Recorded memory of injustice

My friend had suggested me this movie, when she gave me a list of movies that might let me know that there are worse things in world than the trouble we go through, but her suggestions ended depressing me more 😉 (remember the movie ‘Requiem for a Dream‘). But she has very nice taste in movies, so after a long time I chose one from her list. ‘Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father‘. She did not tell me that it was a documentary. I am not a fan of those. Things hit a little close home with those you know. But I think with my previous posts about memory, I sort of fell into the trap of watching this movie today. And now I am having a slight headache. Not because it was bad, but it was little heavy.

This is a documentary (free on You Tube) done by Andrew’s friend with his photos, recorded clippings right from childhood to his murder and then gets extended to how is kid was also murdered. You can read the story in the Wikipedia, sort of not in the mood to write about it actually. I love kids. I cannot forgive anyone who can harm them. Period. When David says that he went through a lot of plans to how to kill Shirley without Kate knowing about it just to bring his grandson safe back to them, I was like ‘well, I would have thought of that too’. Especially when you know the other person is evil. I don’t know how much of change has happened, but there are lot of Andrew’s and Zachary’s out there in the world. I find it rather disgusting that a parent would kill their own child and I will never accept the fact that she was mentally unstable or that she was a doctor and that she doesn’t harm the society in any way. A murder is a murder. If she was unstable then she should have got the necessary help , not end up killing him. There are lot of such cases that are reported every day. A woman kills herself and her children due to family feud. What? Seriously. But the worse part in this, the justice system. I know how much the justice system is skewed. I went to courts for far too many years than I really cared for and I know how everyone uses even the smallest gap in the system to escape from justice. But this was too much. Giving bail to her when it is known that she is a manipulative murderer. No wonder the grandparents fought for the change. It is really terrible to go through those things what Kate and David went through. But they were courageous enough to keep fighting.

Not a nice way to end the evening , this sadly, but I am still glad to have watched it.

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